Glatze says hello.

This site is about Glatze, and my new EP.
For more on Glatze and my broader musical endeavours, please visit my Mr.Underwood site.

Glatze - "Glatze" EP out now!

Yep, my debut EP is now available for download from:

Bandcamp - minimal payment (higher quality + bonus track)
The Centrifuge - free download

...physical demos are going out the door as I type.


1. Girls
2. Doompah
3. Café Vixen (ft. Ms Hypnotique)
4. Glatze (LIVE)

+ bonus drum and bass track with Bandcamp EP download

All music is written, performed and produced by Sam Underwood**

If you like this EP, please consider downloading it from Bandcamp. It all helps to keep me doing this stuff...

  • Theremin and female vox on Café Vixen by Ms Hypnotique
  • Heavily butchered midi-file for "Glatze" originally downloaded from here
  • Drums on "Girls" is sampled from Prairie Home Invasion, by Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon

I would like to thank the aforementioned for their musicianship and support.

Thanks also to:
My girlfriend for putting up with my noise; My business partner for allowing me time to finish this; Ben for the great cover illustration; Wassim and The Centrifuge for all the support over the years; Grover, Capsule and others for the live gigs; Brumcast, The Big Paws and Phantom Circuit for the airplay; Panic Studios for the discounted mastering and kind words; The wider Birmingham creative arts community for their support and encouragement; And probably a fook load of other people that don't seem to want to cross my mind right now.

If you are a label interested in releasing this EP, or you just want to spread some love, please contact me:

Glatze - Live

Just a little hint of what I get up to when playing live. I am available for all sorts of shows and functions but please be aware that you never fully know what you're going to get.

First a few pictures:

Singing at a recent gig to promote my EP. Photo: Pete Ashton

With circuit bent doll at The Centrifuge 2nd Birthday Party 2009. Photo: Edward George

Supporting Melt Banana 2009. Photo: Pete Ashton

With Powerball and guitar pickup at Supersonic 2009. Photo: GW Benson

With CB mic at Supersonic 2009. Photo: GW Benson

Dancing to drum and bass finale at Supersonic 2009. Photo: GW Benson

And some video:

Some bendy bass fun at the start of my set at Supersonic 2009. Video: GW Benson

Back Sabbath cover in my set at Supersonic 2009. Video: GW Benson

Some cheering at the start of my set at Supersonic 2009. Video: GW Benson

And finally, for a live recording from my latest liveset, check out the title tune of my debut EP!

Contact me: